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to the official website of Chittumala Durgadevi Temple.

Sree Durgadevi Temple is situated at Chittumala, a beautiful hill top is devoted to Sree Durga Devi. Chittumala Durga devi is worshipped by all irrespective of caste. The embodiment is a shelter and saviour for the people. The temple has a rich legacy as it is bounded with myths and historical facts. A tribal lady( lady from kurava samudayam)  named Chitta happened to sharpen her sword in one of the rubbles in a forest and it so occurred that blood came showering. People surrounded the spot in astonishment and they consecrated the stone as a shrine which was later transferred to Chittumala.The name owes to the lady’s name-Chitta, some belive.

Some say it is from the words - Chittu-alla. The temple belonged to Designanadu King. It is believed that the last queen of Desingnanadu constructed the temple Ultsavam, a festival associated with this temple is famous for its huge horses and chariots which are carried by devotees up to the temple at the hill top. The festival in the temple is a congregation of people from all walks of life irrespective of their cast, creed and religion. A committee of members from 16 places including the places like East Kallada,West Kallada, Karinthotuva,Peruvelikara, Manrothuruth,Villimangalam was formedand an advisory was selected to administer by Marthandavarma.

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